Heart Sutra Day

with Acharya Christie Cashman

February 9th (2014)

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    Room: Meditation Hall

    Like two wings of a bird, the bodhisattva path of Mahayana Buddhism consists of both supreme knowledge and boundless compassion.

    In the morning, the program will explore supreme knowledge, which is the clear and intelligent state of being that sees beyond the confines of the conceptual mind and the duality of "self and other." Teachings on this subject are presented in the Prajnaparamita-hridaya or Heart Sutra, and are a practical guide to a deeper and more straightforward way of working with others and working with our own emotional life. The afternoon program will explore boundless compassion, focusing on another traditional practice, the Meditation on Loving Kindness, which has long been used to offer healing energy to those who are suffering with serious illness. This program in open to the public and meditation instruction will be offered.  It will conclude with the movie Enlightenment Now in the later afternoon. 
    For more information please contact Rees Sweeney Taylor at [email protected].  This special community program is open to everyone and will be offered on a donation basis.