Enlightened Society Leadership Program

with Megan Murphy

February 6th (2014)

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    Room: Meditation Hall
    The Enlightened Society Leadership Program is a Shambhala Buddhist leadership training program emphasizing the path of profound service and community engagement and is open to anyone wishing to learn more about the Shambhala teachings on leadership. 

    In February and March the topics are "Introduction to Shambhala Culture" with Acharya Alan Schwartz and "Inviting Magic - the Shambhala view of Service" with Regional Director Joanne Martin Braun!  In Berkeley the program can be taken for a fee of $1200 or may be taken for free via our internship program.  Interns sign up for four-month periods, offering eight to fifteen hours of service to the center a week. In return, they and the other participants receive one Saturday a month leadership training workshops, a bi-weekly study group, a Shambhala meditation instructor and free programs at the center. Internship Positions include event hosting, program coordination, and department assistants such as Programs, Communication & Marketing, Membership, and Practice & Education.

    Check-Ins and Study Group takes place every other Thursday at 5:00 PM. Study emphasizes the connection between the Shambhala teachings and service as path.

    How does it work?
    As an intern you commit to eight to fifteen hours of community service to the center a week, checking in every other Thursday at 5 PM for a group discussion, study and work meeting. Additionally, we offer one Saturday training each month on the art of leadership. Interns commit to daily meditation practice, participation in community events like open houses, and a curriculum of ongoing study.
    As an intern you receive mentoring and guidance by a meditation instructor on the path of service and leadership as well as free programs at the center.  As a participant you attend all the trainings and bi-weekly check-ins and receive all Berkeley and San Francisco programs as part of your fee.

    Who is it for?
    The leadership/ internship program is for anyone interested in deepening their meditation practice, strengthening their leadership skills and contributing to creating an Enlightened Society. This can include recent graduates, students, retirees, and people in both personal and professional transitions. People with full-time jobs have found this program to inspire career growth and personal development. 

    The next internship program begins with orientation on Thursday, February 6th, 2014 and ends on the Summer Solstice in June. Participation is limited to seven interns. To apply please send a letter of interest to the Berkeley Shambhala Center Director, Megan Murphy, [email protected], or contact Megan at 510-542-1391

    What Participants Are Saying
    Being a part of the internship program has enriched both my experience with the community and my practice. It opened up a new world of learning and conversation that I know will have an lifelong impact. The internship program is an intimate way to experience the Sangha, offering the opportunity to learn with and from one another.

    Being part of the internship program was a valuable experience. It allowed me to increase my volunteering opportunities at the Center. I became very comfortable with the group and working with the other interns, and we were able to work together to support the Center and learn more about its inner-workings. The leadership component, along with the mentoring, gave me confidence to apply the principles of Shambhala to the other areas of my life where I am a leader, and to approach those situations differently, and more thoughtfully than I had in the past.