The Journey Continues: a Sacred Path Study Group for Graduates of Golden Key

with Jesse Miller & Larissa Canney

January 16th—May 15th

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    Room: Meditation Hall

    Prerequsiite: Completion of the Golden Key Program

    Whether you’ve been moaning about the state of the world, challenged by personal circumstances or are inwardly stressing or despairing about U.S. politics, this is a remarkable opportunity for us all to review and explore the wealth of Sacred Path materials, regardless of your station on the path (new and old Sacred Path graduates are encouraged to attend) while creating community and strengthening discussion-leading chops.

    This winter and spring, Sacred Path graduates in the Bay Area will begin to delve into the inscrutable contents of the Sacred Path Sourcebooks (the spiral bound talks/commentary on the terma texts, and possibly the terma itself). This will be an informal, self-led group. In this first winter/spring session, we will start with the Windhorse material and then proceed to review Meek and Perky. In the summer or fall, we will continue with Outrageous & Inscrutable and finally Golden Key.

    We will meet at 7PM on 1st and 3rd Mondays in the former governance office (now a cozy dharma den) for 15 minutes of sitting, followed by talk, dessert and beverages - ending at 9PM.

    This group will coincide with the Sacred Path weekends (possibly the last time they will be offered in this format!) so if people are inspired to re-do these, Marcia Clayburg has offered us a generous discount - $60 for all weekends, with the exception of Drala at Sonoma Mountain Zen Center.

    It looks to be a nice-sized crew, based on the response we’ve gotten, so if you haven’t told Larissa that you’ll attend, please email her ahead of the first meeting. We want to make sure that everyone is accommodated (space/snacks for all).

    If you are unable to make all the meetings, it is no problem.
    For any questions, email coordinator Larissa Canney at [email protected].



    From Windhorse

    January 16th - “How to See the Great Eastern Sun” and “The Vision of the Great Eastern Sun”
    February 6th - “Invoking Windhorse” and “The Virtuous Mark of the Good Windhorse”
    February 20th  - after Mamo chants: “How to Invoke Windhorse” and “Authentic Presence”

    March 6th  - listen to talk by Dan Hessey or Acharya Lobel

    From The Dignities of Shambhala:

    March 20th - “Basic Goodness” and “Great Eastern Sun as the Way of Discipline”
    April 3rd -“Spark of Confidence” and “The Cocoon”
    April 17th - “Dons” and “The Nature of Fear”
    May 1st - “Sacredness”
    May 15th - “Letter of the Black Ashe I: Meek” and “Letter of the Black Ashe I: Education of the Warrior”

    May 29th - “Trap of Doubt” and “Perkiness”
    June 5th - “Letter of the Black Ashe II: Perky”

    Break, to be continued in late summer/early fall...