A Touch of the Tao in Your Work and Home

with Eva Wong

November 10th (2018)

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  • $108 Program Price
  • $125 Patron Price
  • Write in the amount for full weekend at $195 or pre-arranged tuition reduction.
Room: Meditation Hall

The Taoist Spirit of simplicity, clarity and elegance are part of living at home.  The balance of yin and yang, light and shade, attention to the flow of the seasons, and creating an environment of inner peace and harmony are central to a lifestyle inspired by the philosophy of fengshui. We all appreciate living a simple and elegant life.

Join Eva Wong, Taoist and fengshui practitioner, in a workshop on how to create space that embodies the spirit of yin and yang, the elements, the beauty of the seasons, and elegance of simplicity. Learn how to bring the spirit of nature into moving around your work space and home.

This program is presented in conjunction with Being Strategically Kind. If you wish to participate in the entire weekend with Eva Wong, there is a reduced fee of $195 for both programs. Please note that it is necessary to register to reserve your place for both days, as spaces are limited. It is fine to make the full payment of $195 on one program and leave the other payment blank.

Program Price $108
Patron Price $125

Paying the Patron Price supports scholarships.

For questions regarding the program, please contact Elena: education [at] berkeleyshambhala [dot] org.


Please register and pay online in advance of the program. If you wish to make a financial arrangement, please contact Elena: education [at] berkeleyshambhala [dot] org..