The Future is Open: The Karma Teachings of Chogyam Trungpa

with Carolyn Gimian

February 8th—February 10th

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Room: Meditation Hall

The Friday night talk is open to the public and has a suggested donation of $20

In this new book, The Future Is Open: Good Karma, Bad Karma, and Beyond Karma, Chogyam Trungpa challenges both popular and fundamental misconceptions in our understanding of the Buddhist doctrines of karma and rebirth, sharing a view of the Buddhist path and the practice of meditation that can actually help people to wake up.

The unique contribution Chogyam Trungpa makes to the understanding of karma is to talk about it as a path of awakening…if we link it with meditation. He identifies meditation practice as a way in which we can actually step outside of the world of karma and, for moments at least, stop creating future karma, either good or bad. The past may be determined by our previous actions, but the next moment—the future—is always uncharted territory. In fact, the future is open.

About the weekend
During this weekend, we will examine aspects of the Wheel of Life and other traditional teachings on karmic cause and effect. Through the practice of meditation, contemplative exercises, and small group discussions and activities, as well as lectures, we will investigate how karma is related to our own experience.  We will also look at the birth of karma in the context of ego or an attachment to a self.

Carolyn GimianAbout Carolyn Gimian
The weekend will be led by Carolyn Rose Gimian, who is the editor of The Future Is Open: Good Karma, Bad Karma, and Beyond Karma. She is the Executive Director of the Chogyam Trungpa Institute at Naropa University. Carolyn was a member of the Berkeley Shambhala community from 1971 to 1976, when she moved to Boulder, Colorado to work for Shamabhala Publications.

Program Price: $100
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