Elemental Sip: The Simple and Spiritual Practice of Daoist Tea Appreciation

with Michael Busby

July 6th

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  • $85 Program Price
  • $100 Patron Price
  • Write in the Amount: Pay in accord with your circumstance. (Does not include take-home bag of teas from the program)
  • ($15.00 Material Fee included in each price.)
Room: Meditation Hall

Enjoying tea with appreciation can be a window into the world of the Dao. The slowly unfolding leaves, sweet and fragrant broth, meandering steam, all of these elements can open our sense of mystery and simplicity.

In this space where history and legend swirl, tea will be our topic as well as our medium for learning. We will learn about tea as a plant, a drink, and a cultural source of inspiration. We will have the chance to brew delicious tea for others, and will have the opportunity to ask any questions we have about tea.

We will also live this day-long session in accordance with daoist lifestyle, following the rise and fall of energy throughout the day, and seeing how tea helps us tune into and harmonize with this flux. In addition to the practice of tea appreciation, we will engage in qi gong, contemplation of Daoist text, self-reflection, formal talks, and meditation.

What to Bring
Please where clothes suitable for movement. Feel free to bring a notebook and pen for reflection, and a water bottle for hydration. Lunch will be out, or you can bring your own lunch to eat in the Center.

Michael Busby

Michael Busby is authorized to teach qi gong by Dr. Eva Wong—19th-generation lineage carrier of Xiantianwujimen Daoism (Pre-celestial Limitless Gate School of Daoism). He has been practicing and studying qigong with Dr. Wong for ten years. He is also the owner of Daoist Lifestyle Tea, BYOtea, a company that centers around tea appreciation and seasonal curation. In addition to Daoist Qigong, he also studies meditation and martial arts. He enjoys living a simple life with his wife Trinley and cat Buster in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.