Harvest of Peace Celebration

September 29th

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    Room: Meditation Hall

    Let us come together and CELEBRATE.

    We will be celebrating in a variety of ways!
    We will celebrate the several models of group leadership happening within the community.
    We will celebrate how we are still here as a community.
    Over the year, each of us have been perhaps concerned, confused, worn down, awakened, excited, determined, & sad about the events in Shambhala, the events in the World.
    And of course, we will celebrate by having fun.

    Please, join us for our annual celebration of the fall equinox, as the sun begins to cross over the equator of the Earth.
    We will hear from various leaders of our community about the roles of teams at the center, learn about the results of community-wide surveys, hear about the financial status of the center, as well as have the opportunity to offer monetary support to the Berkeley Shambhala Center. (including though pledge forms and activities!)

    The schedule is to:
    ~ begin with a potluck at 12:30 pm
    ~ convene in the Main Hall for movement & sitting at 2
    ~ sharing from leaders at 2:30
    ~ enjoy fun activities from 4 until 6!
               (fun activities may include & are not limited to:
               dancing, silent auction [all proceeds benefiting the            center],
               clothing swap, aspiration collage!)

    DID YOU KNOW? BSC member Faith Miller owned the store "Big Dogma" on Solano avenue, from 1974 -1985? Her specialty was in Asian antiques, artifacts, and Buddhist ritual objects & art.
    (She will be bringing some of her items for the silent auction!!!)

    Please bring items for the clothing swap! Practice non-attachment!
    Let JoshuaRaen know if you would like to bring items for the silent auction,
    they will provide you with important details.

    Contact JoshuaRaen - manager [at] berkeleyshambhala [dot] org - to offer ideas, assistance, dharma stories, & all other manners of orderly chaos.

    "Celebration is an attitude.
    It is the ultimate appreciation of daily life.
    We're not just in it for ourselves; we're in it because we want to offer wisdom and compassion to others."

    Richard Reoch
    President of Shambhala, Boulder 2006

    P.S. The festivities are due to end far in advance of the visibility of the first three stars in the sky, marking the eve of rosh hashanah.

    Photo by Markus Spiske on Unsplash