Medicine Buddha Teachings Recording

with Jay Lippman

June 1st—July 15th

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  • $50 Patron Price
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On May 16th The Berkeley Shambahla Center hosted Medicine Buddha Teachings with Jay Lippman. People have requested to view the recordings—so, we are making them available to the community. There is a special repeaters price for those who attended the original program. 

Registration for the recording will be open through July 15th and the recordings will be available to view through July 30th. Until then, you can view the video as many times as you like. 

In times of sickness and suffering, the Medicine Buddha is an ancient and renowned spiritual antidote. It is the perfect meditation practice during the coronavirus pandemic. This practice for healing and wellbeing is based on the teachings of the historical Buddha himself, as recorded in the Sutras.

Thus, while most Tantric practices are kept secret and cannot be practiced without the empowerment and instructions from a qualified guru, the Medicine Buddha is open to all, and can definitely benefit anyone who practices it with sincerity and devotion.

The recording includes:

  • The origins of the Medicine Buddha
  • Traditional explanations for why the practice works in healing
  • The right motivation and attitude to take in doing the practice
  • Instructions for a short form of the practice including the mantra and melody
  • Periods of guided practice
The Recordings
The recordings will be available to view as many times as you wish from June 1st through July 15th. After July 15th the link will no longer be valid. 
May these teachings and practices be of benefit to all beings.
We ask for your generosity in offering what you can to benefit Berkeley Shambhala, which has lost much of its income due to the COVID-19 health guidelines. Your contribution helps Berkeley Shambhala continue to offer programming like this during these challenging times.
About the Teacher
Jay Lippman has been a student of Shambhala Buddhism since 1974 and is a senior teacher and advanced meditation instructor. Jay is a student of both Chogyam Trungpa and Sakyong Mipham. He also studied for many years with the Kagyu master, Khenpo Tsultrim Gyamtso. Jay was directed by Khenpo Tsultrim to teach a variety of specific courses in order to clarify key points of Buddhist teachings for Western students.

Jay is known for his genuine commitment to serious Dharma study and practice, for his sense of humor, clarity and accessible style. In past years Jay has taught many programs at the Northern California Shambhala Centers.

Program Price: $40
Patron Price: $50
Other/Repeater: $20 (For those who attended the program on May 16th and wish to view the recording.)
Or pay in accordance with your circumstances—write in the amount.

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Please register and pay online in advance of the class in order to receive the link for the recording. Registration for the recording will be open through July 15th (this is reflected in the above dates for the program). However, the recordings will be available to view through July 30th. 

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