Berkeley Shambhala I Ching casting for 2014, year of the Wood Horse

Sakyong Mipham Rinpoche

‘It takes a community to look up.’- from the Sakyong’s Shambhala Day address, 2014

Sunday afternoon, Shambhala Day, March 2, thirteen members of the BSC met at Inspiration Point in Tilden Park and trekked to Wildcat Peak for the annual consultation of the I-Ching. We made eighteen coin tosses in clusters of three, creating six lines, and forming hexagram 63 Chi Chi / After Completion, with no changing lines.

The I-Ching or Book of Changes, the Richard Wilhelm translation:

63. Chi Chi / After Completion (upper trigram: water; lower trigram: fire)

Introductory Commentary (Edited excerpts follow):

The transition from confusion to order is completed, and everything is in its proper place even in particulars. This is a very favorable outlook, yet it gives reason for thought. For it is just when perfect equilibrium has been reached that any movement may cause order to revert to disorder.. Hence the present hexagram indicates the conditions of a time of climax, which necessitate the utmost caution.

Commentary: The transition from the old to the new time is already accomplished. In principle, everything stands systematized, and it is only in regard to details that success is still to be achieved. In respect to this, however, we must be careful to maintain the right attitude. Everything proceeds as if of its own accord, and this can all too easily tempt us to relax and let things take their course without troubling over details. Symptoms of decay are bound to be the result But this rule is not an inescapable law (if we exercise) unremitting perseverance and caution.

Discussion at Wildcat Peak: In attendance Lory, Susan, April, Bill, Radha, Scott, Devon, Bonnie, Tyler, Andrea, Gabe, Charlene, Bob.

We thought that this reading foreshadowed Megan’s retirement and the support an incoming center director will need from all of us. Presently, much seems in order at the BSC, yet there is more to moving forward, and a new center director, with their vision and experience, will need the engagement of center leaders and members. Too often, in the past, a new center director has been left without adequate support. Let’s make ourselves available to the new center director. (summarized by Bob)

‘Behind the fear there’s a sense of tremendous fear.’ The Sakyong’s Shambhala Day address, 2014.

Ki Ki, So So!