Berkeley Center Leadership


Elena Oxman Dir Practice and EducationElena Oxman, Director of Practice & Education: Elena grew up in Connecticut. She came to the Shambhala teachings through the writings of Chogyam Trungpa, starting with his book Smile at Fear. She has a special interest in the Shambhala Arts teachings and her favorite medium is film. She has taught film history and production in the Bay Area since 2012 and is currently a resident filmmaker at the San Francisco Film Society. Elena lives in Berkeley with her wife Jessica and their dog Lola.

JoshuaRaen Thornberry Center ManagerJoshuaRaen Thornberry, Center Manager: Hi! I’m a Bay Area native, who was introduced to the Shambhala teachings in 2014. I appreciate being involved with the Berkeley Shambhala Center because of the fluidity and transparency of the team structures, as well as the open-mindedness of the community. My hope is to manifest the teachings in all of my interactions, to help bring light to these dark times humanity is in.


Berkeley Leadership Team:

Carol Henderson, Advisor

Chinh Nguyen, Chief Caterer

Don Henderson, Advisor

Elena Oxman, Programs Planning Team Representative

Emily Earlenbough, Community Advocates Representative

Faith Miller, Head Chopon

Jesse Miller, Head Berkeley Liaison & Rental Chair

Jon Ransohoff, Deleg Team Representative

JoshuaRaen Thornberry, Center Manager

Mollie Mowat, Rusung

Radha Chandra, Center Database Administrator

Scott Tracy, Director of Finance

Vickie Self, Care & Conduct Team Representative

Executive Committee:

Eric Fine, Lead Wednesday Night Coordinator

Jesse Miller, Head Berkeley Liaison & Rental Chair

JoshuaRaen Thornberry, Center Manager

Kishma Patnaik, Welcome to Shambhala Hostess

Steve Waye, Executive Sunday Morning Coordinator

Local Teachers:

For a list and background information, please see our Local Teachers page.