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Berkeley Shambhala program and practice sessions are mostly online due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Some in-person offerings are occurring including Tuesday afternoons and the occasional Saturday. Please review our calendar for details.

Forgiveness: A Journey to Healing and Wholeness

with Elvia Garcia & Cynthia Morin & Marquita Campbell

January 18th—March 7th

Forgiveness is an extraordinarily powerful healing force that is available to us at any time and regardless of whether the person or situation that harmed us is involved. The journey of forgiveness is a way to reconnect with basic goodness. Continue »

Transforming Suffering & Happiness into Enlightenment with Sogan Rinpoche

April 7th

Join us for a day-long program with visiting teacher Sogan Rinpoche who will present lojong (mind training) teachings from the famous text Transforming Suffering and Happiness into Enlightenment by the Third Dodrupchen Tenpe Nyima. Continue »