Vajrayana Programs (updated regularly)

Vajrayana programs hosted at the Berkeley Shambhala Center will be shown here!    

Leadership Team Minutes

Dear sangha, The Leadership Team of the Berkeley Shambhala Center will be sharing the minutes from our meetings here. Any questions, comments, or concerns can be sent to JoshuaRaen Thornberry, manager [at] berkeleyshambhala [dot] org This google folder is available for review of the meeting’s minutes. To see only the most recent minutes, click here

Resolution from the Northern California Shambhala Board of Directors and Leadership Regarding the Separation of Children from Their Parents at the United States Border

Family is sacred to Shambhala Buddhism. Family holds the wisdom of our ancestors, a wisdom that enriches us and that can be handed down to future generations. Family is kin, the root of the word “kindness.” Shambhala Buddhism takes as its path the creation of an enlightened society, the most intimate form of which is … Continue 

New Center and Practice Leadership Announced

The Berkeley Shambhala Director Search Committee announces with great delight the appointment of Arelly Sanchez-Shackett as new Center Director. In addition it is announced that Elena Oxman has been appointed Interim Director of Practice and Education by outgoing Center Director Rees Sweeny-Taylor. Ms. Oxman steps up after six months of brilliant service as Way of … Continue 

Job Posting: Center Manager

  Summary Description The Berkeley Shambhala Center, part of the Northern California region, is seeking a part-time Center Manager, who will collaborate with our Interim Director of Practice and Education, Elena Oxman, and report to our incoming Center Director, Arelly Sanchez-Shackett. We seek an individual who understands and embodies the Shambhala vision and feels inspired … Continue 

People of Color Meditation Launching June 12th!

When space is created for People of Color to come together in community and friendship it can be healing and restorative. In collaboration with Oakland Shambhala, we are excited to offer such a space where in addition to fellowship, POC might find nourishment and inspiration in the Shambhala teachings and practice of meditation. This evening … Continue 

Update on Harvest of Peace and Our Firebird Fundraiser

This is an important time for Shambhala: we are actually manifesting many of the principles that we have so long held dear. But it is a time when these principles seem to be more and more needed in the world. I invite all of you to take these principles into your own life as your … Continue 

Berkeley Shambhala Voted “Best of East Bay 2017”

The Berkeley Shambhala Center was recently voted Best of the East Bay by the East Bay Express. Here’s what they have to say: Best Place to Think About Both Nothing and Everything at Once While Sitting on a Fancy Seat Cushion Berkeley Shambhala Let’s face it: Achieving everlasting enlightenment is probably not going to happen … Continue