Anchors to Now

Anchors to NowAs one of our teachers has been emphasizing, the mind moves, and our posture and breath reroute us back to now.

There are so many signposts to which we can refer that can reroute us back to now. Trees. The wind. The earth beneath our bare feet. Shimmering light. Shadow. As Zen teacher Cheri Huber puts it, “If I can really see, it doesn’t matter what I’m looking at.”

At our center, when I am on door duty, I notice through the glass doors the wild clumps of grass the earth pushes up in the street divider. The traffic is a river flowing in two directions. It mirrors my moving mind. I come back to the grasses in the divider. Like my mind, on windy days the grasses sway. On other days they are still. At times it feels as though I am really seeing them.


Image credit: Yarn bowl by Pat Joyce from Flickr Creative Commons