Resonance and Reverberation: A Sonic Meditation Workshop with Robert Fox

with Robert Fox

April 27th

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Room: Meditation Hall

"Deep listening is a form of mediation. Attention is directed to the interplay of sounds and silences or the sound/silence continuum. Sound is not limited to musical or speaking sound but is inclusive of all perceptible vibrations (sonic formations). The relationship of all perceptible sound is important."

- Pauline Oliveros, composer; creator of the Deep Listening Practices

Please join us for a mutual exploration of the practices and exercises of sonic meditation.  As a group we will work with sonic meditation and the power of listening to discover the wavelengths that go beyond hope and fear.

Suggested donation $50.  Pay what you can. Your donation helps support the Berkeley Shambhala Center.

For more information, please e-mail us at shambhalaberkeley [at] gmail [dot] com