Orderly Chaos: The Mandala of Human Experience

with Ira Rechtshaffer

May 4th—May 5th

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Room: Meditation Hall

"We have all kinds of orderly chaos.  We have domestic orderly chaos, we have an emotional love affair orderly chaos, and we have spiritual orderly chaos.  [This] is the mandala principle.  It is orderly, because it comes in a pattern; it is chaos, because it is confusing to work with that order."
 Chogyam Trungpa
In the Buddhist tradition mandalas represent totality and completeness. The mandala perspective views order and chaos, pleasure and pain, love and hate, success and failure as an inherent part of life. Mandalas express the experience of relationship among and between our many parts, as well as our intimate connection with others and our environment.

This weekend workshop will be based on the mandala teachings of Chogyam Trungpa and will explore them as they relate to everyday experience. It will help us deepen our appreciation for who and what we are, where all of our parts are honored and brought into communication with one another. It will include meditation and experiential practices to help us understand what it means to be an integrated human being.

Ira Rechtshaffer holds a PhD in Buddhist studies and has been a Buddhist practitioner for four decades. He practiced Zen Buddhism in Japan for four years and has been a practitioner of Tibetan or vajrayana Buddhism since 1976. He has taught Buddhism in various seminaries, contemplative centers, and graduate programs. He is a practicing psychotherapist. His two books are Mindfulness and Madness: Money, Food, Sex, and the Sacred, and What Was in Buddha's Left Hand?: Tantric Teachings to Transform Neurosis into Sanity, awaiting publication.

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