Cleaning the Center for a Fresh Start

with Rees Sweeney-Taylor

February 25th

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    Room: Meditation Hall


    During the days leading up to Shambhala Day, the mark of the Tibetan New Year, we clean out our karma and tidy our physical spaces. We avoid starting new projects, instead focusing on cleaning and refreshing one's home and shrines in preparation for the coming year.

    We will open with chants and practice and close by conducting a moving lhasang through all the rooms of the Center to purify it for the coming year.

    This year, we will gather at the Berkely Shambhala Center for a thorough cleaning on Saturday, February 25th. Please join us for all or part of it. Also make sure you do refresh your shrine at home if you have one.





    10:00 AM

    Opening Chants, Meditation
    10:30 AM Work Period
    1:00 PM Lunch
    2:30 PM Work Period
    4:30 PM Protector Chants, Tea Reception