Nourishing Ourselves Wisely with Yuan Qigong - A Benefit Series for BSC

with Diana Lion

September 25th—October 16th (2018)

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  • $50 Program Price
  • $150 Patron Price
  • Or pay in accord with your circumstances
Room: Meditation Hall

This series will teach several methods which combine movement with an alive stillness. These methods are helpful for people looking for more energy and vitality; less anxiety; more clarity; and increased ease/sense of relaxed wellbeing. They can also be used to support other healing modalities we may be using for specific health conditions.

These methods can be modified for people of all abilities and ages. They can be done in sitting, lying, and standing postures. They are simple, enjoyable, and effective. 

This series is suitable for people with NO Qigong experience, or who have studied in other Qigong traditions.

The Qigong methods in this series are all based in ancient Chinese healing and wisdom traditions which have been updated for modern times.  They are from the Ren Xue/Yuan Qigong lineage, as taught by Yuan Tze:  

This series is a benefit for Berkeley Shambhala!  Suggested donation of $50. Generosity policy applies.  

Please pre-register by Sunday evening Sept 23. 

Please note: these are not drop-in classes.  This is a 4-class series. 


A little about Diana Lion: 

Diana has been a member of Shambhala for many years, and a dharma practitioner since 1976. She lived with severe chronic illness from ~2005-2010.  After trying many wonderful modalities, she healed herself primarily through using methods from this particular lineage (the ones that will be taught in this series, as well as others).  She has completed 10 years of teacher training, and is formally credentialed to teach Yuan Gong by her Grandmaster.

She lives in Oakland, and teaches this work in group and individual settings.  She is also a long time social justice activist and practitioner of various healing arts. She is extremely grateful to have the capacity to offer these deep practices.  Although they are deep, she loves offering them in a playful way!